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Total Returns From Housing are Starting to Ease

CoreLogics Accumulation Index looks at the total returns from the housing asset class factoring in the change in the value of the dwelling and the gross rental return from the property. The CoreLogic Accumulation Index shows that nationally, the total returns from the housing asset class over the 12 months to August 2017 were 13.2%. Because the return is calculated from value change as well as the gross rental yield, you tend to find that houses have a superior value growth performance while units offer superior rental returns.

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A Glimpse of The State of The Australian Residential Property Market

A  Glimpse of  The State of The Australian Residential Property Market As always the level of value growth has generally been uneven however, the two largest capital cities, Sydney and Melbourne, have recorded the strongest capital growth conditions of all capital cities. Encouragingly the rise in home values across the capital cities has been accompaniedContinue Reading

Property Investment Updates Australia

Property Investment Updates Watch the April housing market update across capital cities “The substantial month-on-month increase was driven almost entirely by the Sydney market where dwelling values jumped 3%. The other capital cities showed a mostly flat result over the month, with a growing level of disparity between cities over the longer term trend…” ClickContinue Reading

The housing market continues to grow for property investors in Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to keep interest rates on hold at its March meeting, with the cash rate remaining at a record low 2.25%. Some economists had tipped the RBA to make a consecutive rate cut with news of a slowing Chinese economy, higher unemployment and weakening job growth however RBA GovernorContinue Reading

Property price increases last quarter

In case you missed this month’s housing update “The year started on a strong footing for the housing market with the CoreLogic Home Value Index showing a 1.3% gain across the capital city index. The highest month-on-month reading since July last year.”