Scott Morrison: more banks means cheaper loans


Treasurer says make it easier for ADIs to call themselves banks will encourage new wave of fintech lenders The Government is going to make it easier for authorised deposit-taking institutions to call themselves banks, in the hope it will reduce the cost of loans. The benefits to the customer are simple – cheaper loans.Morrison pointed to the UK, where easing usage of the word bank in 2013 encouraged the growth of new digital banks such as Monzo and Starling. However, there has been only one new bank licensed in the last decade that was not already anADI or subsidiary of a foreign bank.


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Nearly a fifth of consumers unsure how to get a better rate!

New researchsponsored by a non-bank lender has revealed that a third of Australians are apathetic about shopping for a home loan, but that nearly a fifth would like a better rate but areunsure how to get one. Even if [they] get a small discount, that can end up making a big difference overall, which isContinue Reading

Home values creep in most capital cities

Home values increased marginally in all but one capital city last week, with Sydney being the only one that recorded a reversal, according to the latest CoreLogic data. Combined, the daily home value index remained flat in the week ending 17 September. The monthly index was up by 0.2 per cent for the week. SeeContinue Reading

SME turn to Non Bank Alternative Lending sources

    “An increase in alternative lending sources has given small and medium-sized businesses choices to fund their business growth particularly when they don’t fit the banks’ lending criteria! “ The number of small businesses choosing to borrow money from the non-bank sector has doubled over the past three years, according to new research fromContinue Reading

Total Returns From Housing are Starting to Ease

CoreLogics Accumulation Index looks at the total returns from the housing asset class factoring in the change in the value of the dwelling and the gross rental return from the property. The CoreLogic Accumulation Index shows that nationally, the total returns from the housing asset class over the 12 months to August 2017 were 13.2%.Continue Reading

ASIC questions legality of bank rate hikes – The Adviser

   Property Investors feel the pain. If you are a Property Investor you would have seen your Investment Loan Rates rise rapidly during the last few months. Asic has been instructing Banks and other Lenders to slow down the Investment Lending and particularly Interest Only Loans. But it’s been a bit hard to understand theContinue Reading

Australian Property Auctions results 11/06/17

Australian property auction results and clearance rates for week ending Sunday 11 June 2017 For more details Click here

Who Will Pay the New Bank Tax?

With the recent announcement by the Federal Government that they are going make the Major Banks help with budget repair by slugging them with a new tax,the question is being asked, who will really end up paying?   Mortgages will bear the brunt of the federal government’s new big bank tax, according to one analyst, who believesContinue Reading

Cash Flow Finance

Cash Flow Finance No matter how expertly you manage your budget, you can confidently project a surplus at the end of the year and still not have enough cash at some point during your fiscal year. That’s because money doesn’t always come in and go out smoothly from day to day or month to month.Continue Reading

Can Scott sell us a good Budget story that we’ll buy?

By Peter SwitzerThe smartest move the Turnbull Government has made in recent times is this change of narrative around more understandable concepts, such as good debt and bad debt. Ahead of the Budget on the second Tuesday in May, the use of terms that two important audiences comprehend is vital. In case you missed it,Continue Reading